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Hey Hello thanks for the select us, hi I am your name and my boyfriend was a completely Visa Interview looking for job going to college you lived in basement playing video games of that mean while I was studying were getting good grades in making food having a welding Japan I graduate sometimes I ask him what he did not there then you got angry inform me the some I'm now even study crying but instead of thumb printing me he said you so ugly when you cry please believe we were together for ever supported me about him and his problems when I made him a small album for 3 year anniversary didn't even say thank you in the next day account in the trash I wonder why I said with someone you treated me so badly but I was young and I just had delivered baby then I can take for relationship I mean love can take any problems right and they will get X is why sometimes you apologize in Kamasutra better one time even said you love me but it because I get some angry Shiva Shiva private office caring loved it I don't think anyone out for one me and my dating girls give me one day he asked why was working so sad wow tired I had just had another argument and then I told my dating girls about the things that me afterwards my dating girls explain that was probably abusing me he tell me his behaviour with no Ammo and I should leave them before the word I was too scared to break up with my dating girls was yesterday I should just break up over text but after I send the sms to my parents please open the door is heard screaming and missing reduce think you are a break up with me I am not good enough for you princess I was so scared.
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There we are serve you the great fun Long time ago baby monkey and style Street his mother is never found so I decided to take a moment me really poor cell to feed him I had a star myself but he kept growing bigger and bigger which when he needed more profit I was getting so then how is posted on my mum forced me the Latin girl I was trying I open the door and he brain outside I am lost a good friend good after few hours I don't know so I open the app enables my monkey friend again and give unto me one day my sister and one day my mum SBI Bank the monkey and environment weeks gold necklace beautiful for the next day in my class name Ananya she was even we were mother died at work as a mail for my classmate Champa Kappa going to school of the three digit by constant and working models and so beautiful EP 88 said thank you for the next day from man his father was powerful and take for Bandhan my mum and sister have done it available things to them and then Aisa my monkey bring us more bananas from jump at home. In Delhi book chapter bring me to train him I hate fake Golden wrist pain have any time is it gonna rain I talk in the jumper place there.
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